Galaxy S7 With New Features

The Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge released and proved to be two of the most exciting handsets from Samsung yet, now it’s time to get a new series from Samsung the s7 which will beat the issues happened to s6 series.

So, here are estimations about what the Galaxy S7 will bring this year. Galaxy S8 will bring lot of new specs in 2017.


Rumors about S7

It’s been a while since the Galaxy S6 arrived, so about the Samsung Galaxy S7; we can make our predictions based on the Smartphone based on the S6 features. The Galaxy S7 will arrive with curved screens and surely the price will get higher than S6.

Here are some features that we are expecting-

  1. Battery life

The Galaxy S6 was introduced with 2600 mAh battery power; this is enough to get 17 and 18 hours backup, but that is not enough to last the whole day, so maybe S7 is going to cover that up. With the Galaxy S7; Samsung will make huge improvements in the handset and will increase the battery for the extra life.

  1. No fingerprint magnet

Samsung is making the fingerprint magnet screen, so whenever we touch or use a screen little bit, it gets fingerprints all over and that is so disturbing and it needs to continually clean it up the whole day.

We are expecting to sort it out this problem in the Samsung Galaxy S7.

  1. More features

When Samsung launched the Galaxy S5, it had the addition of a water and dustproof design and this is really a cool feature and almost everyone loved it, but it was shocking when Samsung missed this feature with S6.

Let’s see if Samsung will include this feature again with Galaxy S7 with a nicer design.

  1. The Edge invention

Everyone loved the edge invention introduced with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, it was a unique feature added to galaxy S6. We want to experience the edge again with the Samsung galaxy S7.

The edge option was a completely different creation for a flexible display.

  1. A price drop

Samsung’s devices are full of advanced technology; it brings the unknown feature in the market.  With the technology, the price is also getting advanced with every series which many people can’t think to afford; it is possible that Samsung will drop the prices a bit. Apple iPhone 8 would be the next big announcement from Apple.


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