Some of Best features of GTA 6

There have been a lot of games which have been one of the favorites since few years but there is no game like the Grand Theft Auto series. When Rockstar Games launched the first Grand Theft Auto game, everyone was in sweet shock as the game well built and had a story that the players loved the most about it. Today we are in 2016 and after nearly 20 years of the first launch of the first ever Grand Theft Auto game, Rockstar Games is going to announce the 6th part of the core series, GTA VI. The company launched the GTA V in 2014 and since then it has been an absolute joy to play because of its graphics and maps. This time though, Rockstar Games is making huge changes in the GTA VI.


  1. VR Support

If you are bored enough to play the game on your normal LED’s or LCD’s then GTA VI will be the perfect game for you as Rockstar Games will let you play it using VR (Virtual Reality) set. This way, it will not only add up to the aesthetics of the game but will also allow you to enjoy the HD graphics of the worldwide maps. Sims 5 will also come with VR supports.

  1. Worldwide Maps

Earlier, GTA series revolved around San Andreas, Los Santos and cities like that but this time, Rockstar Games is including worldwide maps in the game and famous attractions as well. So, this means that you can experience the whole world on your TV Screens in the GTA VI.

  1. Female Character

Rockstar Games have taken a different approach as they are including an option of female character. Yes, you will also be able to play as a female in the GTA VI which is pretty amazing and it will also target female fans also as they will also love the GTA VI game while playing as a female character.

  1. Super Cars

Rockstar Games seemed to have really pulled up their socks as they are going to include real life cars in the GTA VI which is an awesome thing. This means that you will be able to drive your favorite car or dream car in the GTA VI. The attention to detail of these cars will also be a joy to watch and sources say that the detailing of the cars will even be better than a Need For Speed game.

  1. Vehicle Modifications

GTA V allowed us to customize our vehicle’s appearance from outside only but GTA VI will allow you to customize everything about your favorite car. Be it performance or the aesthetics of the car, in GTA VI you can customize it all. The detailing is so intense that you will also be able to customize the upholstery or the speakers in your car.


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